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philosophy of biology / philosophy of action

Current Job

I am currently unemployed and looking for a job. I am not only interested in jobs in philosophy teaching and/or research, but in any job in which I can employ my skills in creative thinking, conceptual analysis, argumentation, writing and teaching. I am handy with computers and have some experience in testing and technical writing.

A short CV

An elaborate CV can be found here.

Personal info

I live in Utrecht, The Netherlands.


My philosophical research interests include:

Interests and hobbies

My interests include: computers, nature, natural science (especially biology), and philosophy.

My favorite pastimes are: reading, hiking, bird watching, dancing, and the internet.


My work e-mail address is: send me e-mail

My private e-mail address is: send me e-mail

Please, consult me in advance if you want to send me attachments.

The name of this site is derived from New Zealand's only surviving native owl, the Morepork or Ruru. I had a great time tramping in New Zealand and an owl seems an appropriate symbol for a philosopher of biology (picture courtesy of Tom Tarrant from aviceda).

Upcoming Talks

Past talks

Selected contributions to the web


Internet, software, computers etc.


Selected publications

A more complete list of publications is here.

BCN-science and responsibility (neuroethics)

Explanation in biology (philosophy of science)

Computer science

Recommended information and links

Especially for philosophy students, but many others may profit from it.

Computers and internet


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