My experience with the NRC ePaper and the iLiad

This is a summary (7 July 2008) of a Dutch article about my experiences with the NRC ePaper and the iliad (1 July 2008).


The NRC Handelsblad presents the ePaper as immense success. The first two month they sold more than 900 subscriptions in combination with an iLiad. They boast an active and enthusiastic user community that has come up with many interesting ideas. The truth is different. The ePaper turns out to be a half-baked product with many teething troubles. It has come into the market without sufficient testing. The iLiad does not live up to NRC's marketing slogan "From now on the NRC appears everywhere where you appear" and the NRC Handelsblad doesn't accept responsibility for fulfilling this slogan. The initially lively users forum has become silent because of lack of response the side of the NRC Handelsblad.


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